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Today (18th of jan. 2010) I heard a report about Haiti. I couldn't believe, what's going on there: dead bodies are lying everywhere on the streets, people are killing each other in their own survival fight, there's no light on the streets during the night.
People are digging in the ruins with bare hands looking for some food.

Aid organizations can support up to 200.000 people with food at the moment, but there are about 2.000.000(!!!) people on Haiti.
I reflected on how I can help those people.

So I decided to donate 100% of my music sales income from 2009 until march 2010.
So buy music from WILDCAFE and you donate to the victims of Haiti. PLEASE HELP THE VICTIMS ON HAITI!

I'll transfer the money to an Austrian organisation called "Nachbar In Not". This organisation takes no administration fees and uses all the money directly to help the victims.
You can find more information on this organisation HERE (german).

So why should you donate through music instead of direct donation?
Because you get some hot tunes in addition to your donation. ;)

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